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Bituminous Products & Membranes

We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and exporters of an exclusive range of Bituminous Products & Membranes. Under this range, we have on offer for our valued clients, Black Bituminous Coating, Expansion Joint Board (SEJ), APP Modified Polymeric Waterproofing Membrane along with many other products. We are also appreciated for our most genuine service that we provide for the offered products.

Bituminous Products & Membranes
Shali Mastic Asphalt

Shali Mastic Asphalt

We are specialized in providing an extensive range of quality Shali Mastic Asphalt in the best form and texture with high strength. We have a skilled group of workers who do the processing and quality checking and provide our client's in best forms.




  • Very long lasting
  • Opulent work
  • Low cost and highly effective
  • Perfect designing
  • Superb packaging


Shali Drain

Item Code: 08

Our immaculate range of Shali Drain is highly demanded in the market by our eminent customers. These shali drains are designed using excellent raw material, which provides exceptional durability level with long lasting feature. Clients can avail them in various sizes, designs, shapes and patterns as per need. Our experts design these products in complete adherence to the international standards.




  • Non harmful
  • Ideal for versatile usage
  • Highly reliable
  • Good Durability
  • Fine-finish

Shali Drain



Owing to our expertise in this domain we have been able to blend superior EPDM with superb working features. we are able to offer a superior quality range in super quality-approved material which are done as per the demands of customers with our super-grade workers and high technique machineries. Moreover, we make sure that the quality check is done with excellent finishing and zero flaws at patrons premises on time.




  • Blissfully designed for efficient working
  • Completely durable
  • Extremely reliable
  • Efficient and low cost

Shalicryl 215 Coating

We provide a versatile number of Shalicryl 215 Coating in supreme quality which are Full water proof assured with fine material blended by our team of highly reliable engineers and other work forces. The products provided by us are best-in-class in the market and are quality checked before delivery to ensure quality productivity.




  • Environment resistance
  • Great efficiency
  • Beast applied in roofs,slopes and walls
  • Becomes more durable with age
  • Superb strength
  • UV resistant
  • Efficient working in high pressure
  • No wear and tear

Appearance  Wide range of colors Specific Gravity  1.30 + 0.02
Viscosity, cps  7000 – 9000 cps  Dry time, Hrs 6
Re-coat , Hrs  6 - 24 (Depending on climatic conditions) Elongation @ 25 o C Approx. 200%
Film Type Breathing but
resistance to water
Coverage, Gms / Sq M 400 for 200 microns DFT
Including primer coat (Can
be applied at higher
thickness, if required)

  • Slopes, roofs and walls.


  • Easy to apply and UV Resistant
  • Exhibits good waterproofing character
  • Available in pleasant colors

Application Methodology:

  • Remove all loose gravel, dirt and foreign matter with high-pressure wash.
  • Repair loose brick, parapet walls or cracks with Shalimar Dam-It.
  • Large blisters and surface breaks shall be slit and opened for the release of entrapped
  • moisture then cemented with Shalimar Dam-It, wherever necessary.
  • Prime the clean, firm and even surface with ShaliCryl 215 with 3 times water.
  • On dry primed surface, apply ShaliCryl 215 @ 400 Gms / Sq.M for 200 microns DFT, including primer coat.
  • For over coating, dilute Shalicryl 215 by 10 % with potable water and apply on dry first coat.
  • Ensure final curing time of 48 Hrs before allowing / carrying any further work.

Health & Safety:

  • Use mask and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with soap water after application.
  • Avoid contact with skin / eyes. In case of unlikely contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water, then cleanse with soap and lukewarm water and seek medical advice.
  • Do not use solvent to clean the contacted area.
  • Prevent swallowing. In case of unlikely swallowing, seek medical attention immediately.


  • Available in 18 Kgs pail


  • Store in a cool dry place under shed away from heat.

Shelf Life:

  • 6 months in original unopened sealed condition

Shalicryl 215 Coating

Black Bituminous Coating

Black Bituminous Coating

Item Code: TankMastic

We are instrumental in offering our clients, a qualitative array of Black Bituminous Coating that is on offer. This non toxic range of our offered products are made available to the valued clients at the competitive price. Our products also find numerous applications in storing water tanks properly without any leakages where it ensures maximum protection and are highly resistant against corrosion.


Some advantages are:


  • Color Semi Glossy black when dry

  • Consistency uniform

  • Applicable by brush or spray gun

  • Drying time Touch dry in 2-4 hrs hard drying within 8 hrs




  • On concrete surface 8 sq m per l tr

  • On metal surface 12 sq m per l tr

  • Dry film thickness

  • Specific gravity: 0.92

  • Per coat in microns: 50-60

  • Flash point: 35°C




  • Corrosion resistant

  • High efficiency

  • Cost effective

Industrial Bitumen

We are committed to offer our valued clients an excellent range of Industrial Bitumen, this has been made possible with the assistance of our expert team who carefully observe our entire business processes. Numerously used in various industries, such as lamination, in joining caulking compounds fillers, rubber extenders, battery sealing compounds along with countless other application areas.


Some benefits are:


  • Water proofed

  • Less maintenance

  • Customized service

  • Protection against acid alkali reactions




  • This should be continuously stirred to prevent local overheating

  • STP Bitumen drums should be heated gradually till the bitumen melts

  • Only the required quantity should be heated for the work in hand

  • Not overheated or it will lose much of its properties

  • Bitumen brought up to its normal working temperature

  • Used with a brush by spreading a rubber squeegee



  • Industrial Bitumen is a dark, petroleum residue modified by the oxidation process. Its consistency ranges from highly viscous to solid. Industrial Bitumen is a safe and inexpensive material which has multiple uses in industry and a wide range of applications and has characteristics of Waterproofing, Plasticity, Adhesion and resistance towards acid and alkalis. It also makes an efficient electrical insulator, because it has excellent dielectric strength.


  • Characteristics of Industrial Bitumen is given in the Annexure A attached herewith.


  • In building floors:damp-proofing and waterproofing; acid-alkali resistant flooring, conductive flooring;sparkless flooring
  • In building/roofing:manufacture of roofing felts, adhesives, primers,damp-proof coating compositions, liquid roof coatings, plastic cements and hot carriage roofing compounds
  • Hydro projects: canal lining, embankment, hydraulic structure, dam lining protection and sand stabilisation.
  • Roads: construction and maintenance
  • Industrial use: lamination, manufacture of caulking compounds, joint fillers, rubber extenders, battery sealing compounds, cable filling compounds etc


  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent durability
  • Comparatively cheaper and widely available.

Application Methodology

  • Heat gradually till the bitumen melts completely. Heat the required quantity only.
  • Continuously stir to prevent local overheating. Athermometer should be used to ensure that the bitumen is not overheated or it will lose much of its properties.
  • Bitumen brought up to its normal working temperature is applied with a brush or by pouring andspreading using a rubber squeegee.Health & Safety
  • Use goggles, gumboots, nose covers and hand gloves during application
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application


  • Available in 200 Kg drums or 25 kg cakes


  • Keep in cool and dry place in air tight containers under shed away from heat


Industrial Bitumen

Solvent Based Bitumen Primer

Solvent Based Bitumen Primer

Item Code: ShaliTex_Primer

Solvent Based Bitumen Primer that we offer to the clients is prepared in strict compliance with organizational guidelines that again enable us to address accurate demands of clients who use it extensively in brush and spray applications. Owing to our long time involvement in the respective domain, we understand requirements of our clients and offer solution accordingly.


Some feature are:


  • Cost effective

  • Prevents leakages

  • Longer time service

  • Less maintenance


Some specifications are:


  • ShaliTex Primer is available in 20 liter & 200 liter drums

  • Primer make the concrete surfaces free from dust

  • Self adhesive and general membranes

APP Modified Waterproofing Membranes

Item Code: SuperThermoLay_AquaShield

For the convenience of our valued clients, we are instrumental in bringing forth a qualitative range of APP Modified Waterproofing Membranes, enriched genuine material and prepared under the astute guidance of our skilled team. This has also facilitated us to offer the given range at the affordable price.


Further, our products are extensively appreciated in the market for the following reasons:


  • Easy to apply

  • Prevents leakages

  • High durability

  • Requires less maintenance


Application areas:


  • Civil roofs

  • Industrial roofs

  • Basements

  • Bridges

  • Swimming pools, ponds and tunnels

  • Refurbishment of bitumen roofs

APP Modified Waterproofing Membranes

Corrosion Protection Bituminous Tape

Corrosion Protection Bituminous Tape

Item Code: PipeWrap-BT

Ours' is a reputed firm known for its engagement in manufacturing, supplying, exporting, distributing and wholesaling of a wide range of Corrosion Protection Bituminous Tape. This range is stringently checked by our team before final delivery of our products. Facilitated by our endeavors, we have been able to cater to the exact needs of our large number of clients.


Some advantages:


  • High durable standards

  • Resistance against corrosion

  • High penetration




  • Two thicknesses: 2 mm & 4 mm

  • 2 mm Pipe Wrap - BT

  • High tensile strength HMHDPE

EPDM Roofing System

Item Code: Sure-Seal_Sure-Weld

We are instrumental in manufacturing, supplying, distributing, exporting and also wholesaling a wide range of EPDM Roofing System. This offered range is highly demanded in extensively because of its long time performance, high effectiveness and for being available at the most competitive price. In addition, our after sales services are also greatly appreciated by our clients.


Some advantages are:


  • Easy to use

  • Prevents leakages

  • Longer service life

  • Less maintenance

  • Cost effective




  • Systems utilizing EPDM require mechanical

  • Custom sizes may be requested

  • Sure-Seal (black) reinforced membranes, in 45-, 60- and 75-mil thicknesses

EPDM Roofing System

Ready to Use Waterproofing Sealant

Ready to Use Waterproofing Sealant

Item Code: Tarplastics

Supported by our domain expertise, we have been able to cater the variegated needs of our clients by offering an exclusive range of Ready to Use Waterproofing Sealant. Widely admired and can be applied comfortably in caulking different types of roofs and masonry walls. In addition to that, our range is not inflammable easily.


Some of the advantages of our product range are mentioned below:


  • Easy to use

  • No specialized handling

  • Reliable service

  • Can accommodate a certain degree of expansion, contraction or vibration


Other specifications:


  • Available in 200 kg, 20kg, 4 kg and 1 kg containers

  • Locate the cracks and then widen them to a V section about 25 mm deep

  • Brush out the debris from the crack and dust it clean

  • Paint the cracks lightly

  • Press Tar-plastic TM into the painted crack by hand or with a trowel and

  • Finish by making a rounded head overlapping the crack by at least 25 mm

APP Modified Polymeric Waterproofing Membrane

Item Code: ShaliPlus

APP Modified Polymeric Waterproofing Membrane that we offer to the clients is of excellent quality and our organization is extensively popular in the domain for reliable services that we have been rendering for the offered range of products from the very beginning. Our range is also used in abundance for making rooftops,basements and terrace gardens waterproof along many other applications.


Some advantages are:


  • High softening

  • High penetration.

  • Dimensional accuracy

  • Flexibility

  • No aging

  • Protection against UV light


Some specifications:


  • Lay and press ShaliPlus on the hot bitumen

  • Clean the surface thoroughly to make it smooth

  • A minimum overlap of 75 mm to 100 mm

  • Needed between the two rolls of membrane

  • Should be sealed with blown bitumen

  • Shali Plus is to be topped with screed

APP Modified Polymeric Waterproofing Membrane

Expansion Joint Board (SEJ)

Expansion Joint Board (SEJ)

Item Code: ShaliTEX_Board

We are a coveted firm engaged in manufacturing , supplying, distributing, wholesaling, exporting and also providing valuable services for Expansion Joint Board (SEJ). Offered range is highly efficient in various constructions, such as building construction, bridge and many such construction where these are used for joining cutting slabs in a smooth manner.


Some advantages of our products are mentioned below:


  • Provide expansion joints

  • Provide a waterproof seal

  • Compressible

  • highly durable

  • Resist entry of foreign matter


Other specifications:


  • Has the capacity to resist expansion without cracking

  • Displays good adhesion towards concrete

  • Has plasticity

  • Offers resistance to ingress of foreign substance

  • Low susceptibility to flow during hot weather conditions



TankMastic® is a specially formulated anti-corrosive, tasteless, odourless, non-toxic and black bituminous coating for protecting the internal surface of storage water tanks, pipes, etc. from corrosion. It conforms to IS: 9862/1981 as well IS: 158/1981.

Color Semi Glosy Black when dry Dry Film thickness per coat 50-60 micron
Consistency Uniform; applicable by brush or spray gun Coverage, sq.M / Ltr On metal surface, on concrete surface 10, 8
Drying Time Touch dry in 2-4 Hrs Hard drying within 8 Hrs
Specific Time 0.92 Flash Point C 35


  • TankMastic® provides corrosion protection coating to all types of iron, steel including drums, and masonry or concrete surfaces for fixing glass panels on building elevation.
  • It, being non-toxic / odourless, is suitable for coating insides of masonry / steel water tanks.


  • It is easily applicable by brush/spray gun. It dries rapidly leaving black glossy finish.
  • The resultant film is tough and elastic and does not crack easily due to structural movements.
  • It is resistant to diluted acids and alkalis.
  • It is non-toxic and does not impart odour or taste to water or other contents in contact.

Application Methodology:

  • The base metal should be cleaned thoroughly by sand blasting or otherwise. Before application, surface should be totally dry, free from moisture, oil, grease, mill scale or rust.
  • For better performance, a coat of ShaliTex® Primer is recommended on metallic surfaces, However, for concrete or other porous surfaces, a coat of ShaliTex® Primer is pre-requisite. ShaliTex® Primer should be allowed to dry hard before TankMastic® is applied
  • TankMastic® must be stirred properly before applying by brushor spray gun. Two coats of TankMastic®
  • are recommended for concrete and three coats for me tallic surfaces. Health & Safety
  • Lid of the container should be firmly fixed, when not in use.
  • TankMastic® shall have no harmful reaction, when it comes in contact with drinking water.
  • Use goggles and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application


  • Available in 1 Ltr, 4 Ltr, 20 Ltr and 200 Ltr drums

  • Keep in cool and dry place in air tight container under shed away from heat


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